Student collaboration

Collaboration with students from ITU

There are plenty of opportunities for companies to collaborate with students from ITU. 

On this page you can read more about project collaborations with the students, and you can learn about the possibilities of hiring a student part-time. 

Project collaboration

A company can collaborate with students on a bachelor – or a master thesis.

The student or the group of students will investigate a specific topic and use your company or organization as a case for the project. The project will be an official part of the student’s education, and it is therefore important that the company is aware that the most important part of the collaboration is to learn.

The student will be able to contribute to the company with an academic analysis or a suggested solution to a specific issue.

A collaboration with a student can give your company new perspectives and concrete insights in the newest research and knowledge. You will get access to the student’s scientific abilities, as well as the students will be able to learn from you. The collaboration should be beneficial for both parts. If your company is looking for a student to take care of concrete tasks where you can control the output, you should consider a paid part-time student job instead. 


Student Jobs

Your company can hire a student from ITU for a part-time student job, if you need qualified students to solve specific tasks and if you want to improve your company’s relation to the ITU-students even before they graduate.

Many of the ITU students prioritize to have a job that is relevant for their studies. It gives them the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they get from their studies. Your company can take advantage of the wish many of the students have to hire a competent and flexible student employee, and you can also benefit from the student’s academic knowledge. 

Find a student employee:
The ITU Job & Project Bank gives your company direct access to students who can contribute with the required qualifications within computer science, software development, design, communication, business and innovation management. 


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