How is it to study at the IT University? Is there a lot to read? How is the teaching? Do you have time for a student job? Are the parties fun?

When you are going to choose your education, you may have a lot of questions that cannot be answered on the website.

Therefore, we have launched "Ask a student": an initiative where you can contact a student on the IT University. 

Below, you can meet the students that you are able to contact. See a description of their education and why they chose to study at the IT University.

You can ask them anything, and they will try their best to give you a good answer based on their own experiences. You a welcome to ask about both professional and social matters. There are no stupid questions! Should you have any questions regarding application process, admission requirements or the like, please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

Lukas - Data Science

My name is Lukas, and I am in my 5th semester of Data Science.


Data Science is in general quite a new field that was quickly developed as a response to the enormous amounts of data that is being produced. When I joined ITU I had only a little knowledge of Data Science, but that has thankfully changed as I am only 2 semesters away of handing in my bachelor's thesis.

The official program description states: "You will develop comprehensive analytical and technical skills covering all aspects of handling and analyzing data". What I truly enjoy about the program is that you can also utilize those technical skills even outside of the context of Data Science, which really opens a lot of doors for your interests.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want to know more about the program, life as an international at ITU or ITU in general 😊


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