Collaboration with students

Project collaboration & student workers

Do you want to collaborate with ITU students?

A student collaboration is an effective way to brand your business as a workplace and a simple way to recruit talented future employees.

You can read more about ITU's programmes and what the students learn at the IT University here.

If you need advice on collaborating with ITU's students, please contact Carina Raaholt at

ITU's BUILD Connections Lab (BUILD) is the gateway between ITU’s researchers and students and the industry, both local and global, private and public organisations as well as NGO’s. We are dedicated to build and cultivate a large network of startups, small and medium-large companies and large companies from relevant industries – and connect them with the university. 

We organize a row of events, also in collaboration with companies, where students and researchers can meet people from the industry and vice versa. 

Read more about the Build Lab here