There are several opportunities for you to brand your company among our students, or perhaps you are looking for ways to collaborate with students. 

Equally, you have several options for collaborating with researchers. You may be looking for a partnership or licensing opportunities. Both are possible through ITU Business Development. You can also collaborate through Open Entrepreneurship, or something else entirely.

Custom-made courses

Custom-made courses under ITU Professional Courses are developed in close collaboration with the companies and are tailored to their individual and specific needs for learning and adjusted to your needs regarding facilities (time and location). This way a course can support organisational development while at the same time rooting the knowledge in individuals.

The courses are based on the same high academic level and business related practice as all other courses under the ITU Professional Courses and can be anything from individual learning to teaching of professionel groups. 

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Looking for a student worker for your business or organization? The ITU job- and project bank leads directly to hundreds of highly qualified students in the fields of software, design, UX, business and everything in between.

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