Research Collaboration

ITU wants to create value for Denmark in close collaboration with the industry. We believe that applicability and insight can be combined. Therefore, our research takes place in a dynamic collaboration with businesses, organisations, and public parthers.

Collaboration may consist of one or more partially financed research projects or scholarships where an organization provides employees, products, knowledge and experience.

If you have questions about how your business can collaborate with the IT University feel free to contact Provost, Jens Christian Godskesen on 72 18 52 76 or

Open Entrepreneurship is a Danish initiative aiming to become a world-leading technology commercialization community to benefit society.

At ITU we are working on increasing the number of spinouts and startups as well as improving the collaboration between the industry and researchers. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, government organizations and NGOs.

We are currently in search of more entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate with our researchers as business partners and intrapreneurs interested in investing in applied agile research. 

Open Entrepreneurship is powered by the Danish Industry Foundation.

If you would like to learn more, email Nikolaj Oppermann or Peter Ibsen.

Read more about Open Entrepreneurship

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