Labs for students

The IT University of Copenhagen has a number of labs that you are free to use as a student. 
Here you can do experiments, build prototypes, get help with your projects, courses and meet like-minded students and faculty.

The Affective Interaction and Relations (AIR) Lab explores affective designs for living with digital technologies, and how such affective interactions can change our relations to the world, each other and ourselves.

AIR lab supports bachelor projects, master thesis projects, and research projects. These projects can develop prototypes, set up tests, borrow equipment, and get support for prototyping and working with our equipment and technical infrastructures.

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At BUILD, the data innovation lab, we connect individuals from industry and ITU to form a collaboration and exchange on data learnings. Collaborations are then classified as either: qualitative for interviews and observations, quantitative working with various data sets, or mixed for both characteristics.

By dropping by, you can receive support with finding a case company, data project scoping, Python programming, access to certain datasets, as well as access to trendy AI tools.

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The ITU brAIn lab is a space and a group of people with a common interest in research and education at the crossroads between machine learningpsychophysiologyneuroscience and cognition. Within the lab, researchers and students collaborate to develop computational models of different aspects of the human mind and design experiments to capture and synthesise the user experience in complex digital media like video games and virtual reality. How to measure difficulty in games? How do we quantify learning? How can we model and predict human emotions? These are among the many questions that we try to answer in the lab through our experiments and models.

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At the DASYA (Data-Intensive Systems and Applications) Lab, we build the infrastructure of data science. Our focus is on scalable and efficient systems supporting the data lifecycle, including collection, transfer, storage, processing, analytics and curation.

Here, you will find support and resources from arduino to android, from raspberry to regular expressions, from UI to IoT, from 3D printing to data portals, from soldering to sensors to smart things to servers.

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ETHOS Lab is an experimental space for exploring data and data landscapes in contemporary society. Here you will find room for methodological and analytical exploration. 

Each semester, the Lab offers workshops, tools training, and public talks about methods. Students can apply for a position as Junior Researcher in the lab and join one of our study groups.


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The Human Data Interaction Lab (or hdilab in short) focuses on the human factors in the conception, use, and understanding of data. The lab functions as a venue for discussing matters related to human data interaction broadly and invites students and faculty to join forces to better understand these aspects


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The Game Lab is a space for exploring playful ideas. Whether you want to work on a VR game, run a machine learning experiment or test a multiplayer toy on the big screen, this room offers equipment to work on your games and playful experiences.

Each semester, the Game Lab hosts a number of workshops and talks and it is also home of the Demo Night, a bi-monthly event where students as well as industry guests show and discuss unfinished projects.

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At IxD Lab, we focus on physical interaction design, material exploration and modern fabrication technologies.

We support courses that demand tools such as 3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and we have a stock of sensors and actuators. In addition, we offer training and guidance in technical aspects of rapid prototyping and material choice, and occasionally we host talks about interaction design. 

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The Robotics, Evolution and Art Laboratory (REAL) hosts projects involving robotics, bio-inspired artificial intelligence, art and mechatronics.

We have resources to build prototypes and robots: an industrial robotic arm (UR5), 8 small Awheeled robots (Thymio), and 2 liquid handling robots. We can also provide access to computer clusters and high performance GPUs.

You should contact a member of the REAL to get access.

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Study Lab is the place where teaching assistants help bachelor students with course topics that the students find difficult. 


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