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I only applied to ITU, and I said if this doesn't work this year I'm going to apply next year, and if that doesn't work I'm going to apply the year after

BSc in Global Business Informatics

The study environment invites you to play games - it isn't weird to see small groups of students doing a game during their class, taught by the teacher.

Exchange student on the Games Programme

What is it like studying at the IT University? Is there a significant amount of reading? How is the teaching carried out, and is there room for a part-time job? Are the social gatherings fun?

When considering your course of study, you may have numerous questions of this nature. Therefore, we have launched "Ask a Student," giving you the opportunity to contact a current international student at ITU.

Ask a student

The IT University of Copenhagen is committed to diversity and gender balance within IT. Because digitalisation affects us all, it is important that both men and women take part in designing the new technologies, which create our common future.

Meet some of the women who have chosen the IT-route

The IT-University's students run several different student organisations that you can become part of.

You can join knitting and sports clubs, a choir, coffee talks, the café Analog and much more.

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Have you been accepted to one of our programmes? Discover housing options for international students, navigate the residence permit process, and uncover invaluable insights on living in Denmark. We help you to a good start as an international student at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Read about study start and introduction days for BSc, MSc and guest students, and contact Study and Career Guidance for further information.

You can also read about your options for getting Special Pedagogical Support (SPS), if you have a physical or mental disability.

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Are you interested in studying at the IT University of Copenhagen, and do you have questions about programmes, student life or the like, please contact the Study and Career Guidance.