Women in tech

The IT University of Copenhagen is committed to diversity and gender balance within IT. Because digitalisation affects us all, it is important that both men and women take part in designing the new technologies, which create our common future.

These years more women are choosing an educational path within IT. In 2017, the IT University of Copenhagen experienced an almost twofold increase in the number of female applicants for the bachelor programme in software development.

However, there are still many questions concerning future opportunities and what kind of work one can be engaged in with an education in software development. The answers to this vary as much as the questions. An IT related education opens the doors to a wealth of opportunities and there are many different ways to go.

Below you can meet some of the women who have chosen to walk the path towards IT and hear what they are doing today after completing their education.

Alma Freiesleben: Student Developer, Siteimprove

Alma Freiesleben is a Student Developer at Siteimprove. She started working there right after she finished her BSc in Softwaredevelopment from the IT University of Copenhagen, so she can learn more about the field before choosing a MSc programme.

In this video you can hear Alma tell about her passion for software development and how she wants to use her IT skills to work with feminism or climate changes.

Meetup with Managing Director Nina Mathiesen

ITU Student Matilde Svendsen meets Managing Director at COBE, Nina Mathiesen for a talk on how working with Software Development and architecture is similar and what common challenges lie in both fields. 

Meetup with Anne-Marie Gerdes, chair of The Danish Council on Ethics (Etisk Råd)

Join our Data Science student, Nadia Krag, for a meetup with Anne-Marie Gerdes, chief physician at Rigshospitalet and chair of The Danish Council on Ethics (Etisk Råd). Listen in on their conversation on the role of data and AI in the healtcare sector and learn about the importance of diversity in this line of work. 

Anna Kato Ipsen: Software Developer and consultant, Nine

Listen to Anna Kato Ipsen share her story on working for a consultancy company and what an education within software development can lead to. 

Anna holds an MSc in Software Development (Design) from the IT University of Copenhagen. She views software development as a creative challenge, where she has to create systems that solve problems. 

Meetup with Nana Bule, Managing Director, Microsoft Denmark

Join Software Development student Nanna Marcher from the IT University of Copenhagen when she visits Nana Bule, managing director of Microsoft Denmark for a talk about working with IT. They share views on technology and how they see IT as a tool that will help us solve some of the world's great challenges. 

Let your dreams come to life

What are you dreaming about? How does your education fit into those dreams? Maybe you have an answer - or perhaps you don't know. Listen to Software Development student Melissa share about her dreams and the thoughts she had in connection to applying for an IT University programme. 

Margrethe's choice

Meet Margrethe who is enrolled at a bachelor programme at the IT University of Copenhagen. Hear why she choose to study Data Science and what her thoughts are on being a woman in the IT world. 

Mia Pontoppidan: Technology Consulting Analyst, Accenture

Mia Pontoppidan works as Technology Consulting Analyst at the international consultancy, Accenture, where they focus on IT and technology.

Mia holds a MSc in Software Development (Design) from the IT University of Copenhagen and today she advises companies on how to succeed with their IT implementations. 




Nina Stausholm: PhD Student, IT University of Copenhagen

Hear Nina Stausholm tell about her job as PhD Student, and what you can do as a researcher.

Nina works as PhD Student at the IT University of Copenhagen, where she researches and teaches. Nina has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Computer Science. She finds it exciting that she can combine everything she has learned from both mathematics and computer science and use it to solve problems from the world around us.

Kristin Kaltenhäuser: IT Graduate, Ørsted

In the video, you can hear Kristin Kaltenhäuser tell about her job as an IT Graduate, where she rotates in different areas and teams of the IT department of Ørsted, and what you can do with an education in Software Development.

Kristin holds a MSc in Software Development (Design) from the IT University of Copenhagen. The reason she likes to work with IT is, that it can be used as a tool to realize dreams, and that it is both creative and technical to work with. 

Tanja Danner: Director, Public & Healthcare, NNIT

Hear Tanja Danner, who is Director in Public & Healthcare at NNIT, tell about how she works with IT and digitalisation.

Tanja holds an MSc in Software Development from the IT University of Copenhagen. Today she works with IT projects, which contribute to solving societal problems.