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New admission requirements

The Danish government has decided to put a ceiling on the number of international students admitted each year, as too many international students leave and work outside Denmark after graduation.


Therefore, ITU has to introduce Danish language (A level) as admission requirement for the following programmes already from 2019:

BSc in Global Business Informatics

BSc in Data Science

What is Danish at A level? 

The Danish language requirement means that you should be able to use Danish at an academic level. You need to be able to write, read, listen to and speak Danish at the highest level. You can obtain the Danish language requirement by passing the ‘Studieprøven i dansk som andetsprog’, which is a nationally recognized test for foreign language speakers administered by numerous language schools in Denmark. To meet the Danish A language requirement you have to pass the written presentation ('skriftlig fremstilling') with the grade 7 on the Danish 7-point marking scale as minimum. Moreover, you have to pass the oral presentation ('mundtlig fremstilling') and reading comprehension ('læseforståelse') with at least the grade 02 on the Danish scale. If you do not speak Danish, it usually takes 3 years to prepare for this test. Please contact Ucplus or Clavis for more information about ‘Studieprøven i dansk’.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause for you as a student planning to apply for these programmes.


Read more about the admission requirements on our Danish website here