Design challenge: How can IoT support alternative ways of co-habiting?

designBusiness IT DepartmentResearchinternet of thingsIrina Shklovski

June 6, 2019

Although more and more people are living together in new ways, many technologies are designed with individuals and traditional use patterns in mind. The research project VIRT-EU is now inviting designers and developers to come up with fresh ideas on how technology can take into account different needs within living spaces.

AIR Lab på ITU.

New ITU lab examines the emotional aspects of technology

designDigital Design DepartmentEducationResearchJonas Fritsch

March 5, 2019

Technology has become such a substantial part of our lives that it affects our experience of ourselves and our surroundings. AIR Lab is a new interdisciplinary meeting place at ITU that takes the emotional aspects of technology seriously.

ITU-kandidater bag ny Virtual Reality-startup.

ITU graduates behind new Virtual Reality startup

designEntrepreneurshipcomputer gamesstartups

January 28, 2019

With a new Virtual Reality tool, two entrepreneurs from the IT University of Copenhagen have created a faster and easier way to create 3D animations. Their company, Sidetracked, has just landed a DKK one million investment which will enable them to launch their product this summer.

Kjell Yngve Petersen.

ITU researcher receives award for intelligent lighting project

designDigital Design DepartmentResearchawardsgreen IT

June 7, 2018

Kjell Yngve Petersen, Associate Professor at the IT University in Copenhagen, has received the energy sector’s research award ELFORSK for a project on intelligent lighting that provides energy savings as well as better lighting for the users.

Marie and Maria.

A Tinder app for art

designDigital Design DepartmentEducationITU thesisdigital art

December 20, 2017

Digital technologies allow us to create more targeted and personalized museum experiences, according to Marie Bryndum and Maria Muhandes, who studied Digital Design and Communication at ITU. In their thesis project, they designed a Tinder-like app that gives museum visitors easier access to information about the artworks.

Digital Design and Interactive Technologies.

Digital design programme sharpens technical focus

designDigital Design DepartmentEducationJonas Fritsch

December 11, 2017

The IT University's MSc programme in Digital Design and Communication changes its name to Digital Design and Interactive Technologies (DDIT). At the same time, the programme will give students a stronger technical foundation.

Cecilie Jo Nielsen.

Can chemotherapy at home benefit cancer patients?

designDigital Design DepartmentEducationhealthITU thesis

November 17, 2017

Since 2015, some Danish cancer patients have had the opportunity to receive parts of their chemotherapy treatment in their own homes. What advantages and disadvantages does this have for the patients? This was the central question posed by Cecilie Jo Nielsen and Astrid Ellen Dalsjö in their MSc thesis from Digital Design and Communication at the IT University of Copenhagen (the programme changed its name to Digital Design and Interactive Technologies in November 2017).

FA bacheloropgavepris.

Savings concept for young bank customers wins bachelor thesis award

designDigital Design DepartmentEducationfintech

November 9, 2017

Three Digital Media and Design students at the IT University of Copenhagen have received FA's bachelor thesis award for a project, in which they developed a digital concept in the form of a savings app for young bank customers. The honour comes with a DKK 30,000 prize.

Scandinavian design methods are popular in Japan

designResearchDigital Design DepartmentseniorsLone MalmborgCollaborations

March 30, 2017

A group of researchers from the ITU Co-design team are experiencing great interest from Japanese universities and companies who want to learn more about the Scandinavian design methods. A new collaboration with the Hakodate Future University is now being signed.


Thesis turned into a smartwatch app for children with ADHD


August 23, 2016

Tiimo is a smartwatch app that creates structure in the daily life of children with ADHD. The two developers have just launched a beta version of the app in Google Play.

Anna Vallgårda.

Experiments change our views of computer design

designAnna VallgårdaDigital Design DepartmentResearch

June 10, 2016

Have you ever wondered why the computer looks the way it does? Why it is made of steel with a keyboard and a screen?


ITU researchers get funding for epilepsy project

designBusiness IT DepartmentResearchLars Rune ChristensenLene Nielsenwearables

June 8, 2016

In a new project with Rigshospitalet, Lars Rune Christensen and Lene Nielsen will test and improve a new device for prevention of epileptic seizures. The Danish Epilepsy Association is funding the project.

ITU Designers.

ITU creatives bridge the gap to the industry

designEducationDigital Design Department

May 3, 2016

The new student organization ITU Designers is bringing together students from all ITU study programmes to help students expand their portfolio and build their knowledge of the industry.

Amager Hospital

Students collaborate with local hospital in wayfinding project

designCollaborationsEducationErik Grönvall

November 25, 2015

Intricate hallways and confusing signage present challenges for patients, visitors and staff alike at Amager Hospital. As a part of their education in Service Design, students from the IT University developed new wayfinding solutions for the hospital.