Daniel Varab.

Teaching computers to understand human language

artificial intelligenceComputer Science DepartmentEducationalgorithmsITU thesis

December 13, 2017

Despite big advances in machine learning, making computers understand language is still a big challenge. Daniel Varab and his two classmates from Software Development trained a computer program to detect contradictions in texts – a technology that might eventually help us keep track of statements made by politicians and contradictions in the law.

Mia Pontoppidan.

Mia built an artificial brain that knows a barn owl from a stork

artificial intelligenceComputer Science DepartmentEducation

November 2, 2017

As a hobby ornithologist, Mia Pontoppidan wanted a tool for identifying bird species. So in her thesis project from software development at ITU, she investigated how well artificial intelligence (AI) could classify Danish birds – and whether you can build a neural network with only a year and a half’s worth of coding experience.

Niels Justesen.

Researchers are training a deep learning algorithm to beat humans at StarCraft

artificial intelligenceComputer Science DepartmentResearchalgorithmscomputer games

October 4, 2017

Computers have already crushed humans at chess, Go and poker. Now, researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen are training an algorithm to beat the best human players in the sci-fi computer game StarCraft. If the project succeeds, it will be another quantum leap forward for artificial intelligence (AI).


Can AI prevent relapse among drug addicts?

artificial intelligenceComputer Science DepartmentEducationalgorithmshealthITU thesis

August 16, 2017

In his thesis project, ITU student Christopher Bjerre developed a software tool for use in addiction treatment. Using a combination of machine learning algorithms, the tool can predict relapse with great accuracy and thus help rehabilitation staff to prevent it from happening.

Kreativ kunstig intelligens.

Creative machines: The next frontier for artificial intelligence

artificial intelligenceDigital Design DepartmentEducation

May 2, 2016

Artificial intelligence can solve routine tasks but still struggles to be creative or collaborate with us.


Artificial intelligence can compose video game music of the future

artificial intelligenceComputer Science DepartmentResearch

April 7, 2016

Marco Scirea, a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen, won the best paper award at the EvoMUSART conference for his research on music composition using artificial intelligence.

evolved virtual creatures

Meet your new virtual pets

artificial intelligenceResearch

September 21, 2015

Have online cat videos become a tad too predictable? Is your dog starting to bore you with the same old tricks? Soon you might be able to find new, entertaining alternatives in the virtual world.