’Great Deletion Poetry Rave’, ETHOS Lab.

GDPR – now as a poetry collection

big dataBusiness IT Departmentprivacydigital artRachel Douglas-JonesMarisa Cohn

February 19, 2019

Much of the discussion about GDPR has revolved around how companies can become compliant and avoid fines. But what do the new EU rules on data protection really mean for us as individuals? Two ITU researchers encourage us to reflect on the consequences of GDPR with a new collection of poems based on the legal document itself.

Christopher Gad

Data leaves us with gaps of knowledge

big dataChristopher GadBusiness IT DepartmentResearchdigitization

June 28, 2018

Data, e.g. from assessments of public schools, needs to be contextualized in order to be used for something meaningful. Associate professor, Christopher Gad investigates how public institutions collect, use and interpret our data.

Big Data Analytics pays off, new research shows.

Big Data Analytics pays off, new research shows

big dataBusiness IT DepartmentResearchbusinessOliver Müller

April 4, 2018

On average, companies can increase productivity by 3.75 percent by implementing Big Data Analytics solutions, shows research from the IT University of Copenhagen and the University of Liechtenstein. Their study is based on data from more than 800 major companies.

Brit Ross Winthereik

New ITU professor: "We should be careful not to get dumber as technology gets smarter"

big dataBusiness IT DepartmentResearchBrit Ross Winthereikdigitizatione-government

January 10, 2018

Brit Ross Winthereik has been appointed Professor of Science & Technology Studies at the IT University of Copenhagen from January 1, 2018. In her research, she investigates how we build and use IT infrastructures – and she warns against letting the technologies and platforms we have already built limit our imaginations.

Tiemo Thiess.

Ship engine builder heading for a data-driven future

big dataBusiness IT DepartmentIndustrial PhDbusinessITU thesis

November 23, 2017

Companies are increasingly using data and statistical analysis to improve their services and boost their businesses. In his thesis project from Digital Innovation & Management at ITU, Tiemo Thiess looked at how a classical industrial company like MAN Diesel & Turbo can improve its sales and service processes using data-driven decision making.

ITU-studerende skal arbejde med data fra rummet.

Big data from space to be used in ITU classrooms

big dataComputer Science DepartmentEducationCollaborationsPhilippe Bonnet

September 20, 2017

A new collaboration between the IT University of Copenhagen and the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education gives students and researchers the chance to work with data collected by the EU’s earth observation program, Copernicus.

Intro på data science.

First generation of data scientists begin studies at ITU

big dataComputer Science DepartmentEducationNatalie Schluter

August 29, 2017

The first 70 students have begun their studies in the IT University of Copenhagen’s brand-new bachelor programme in Data Science, Denmark's first of its kind. Over the next three years, they will learn to derive knowledge from big data, and their skills will be in high demand.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Big data reveals how much footballers are really worth

big dataBusiness IT DepartmentResearchalgorithms

June 20, 2017

The value of star footballers is a subject intensely debated among football fans, but big data might become the go-to method for determining the price tags of the stars. Researchers from the IT University in Copenhagen and University of Liechtenstein have developed an algorithm that calculates the value of players based on vast amounts of data.

Trafik i København.

Big data to create eco-friendly innovation in Copenhagen

big dataCollaborationsEducationComputer Science Departmentinnovation

May 20, 2016

ITU thesis students have contributed to the development of City Data Exchange, the world's first data marketplace where both public and private organizations can share their data. Innovators can use big data to solve the city's environmental and infrastructural challenges.

Big data

Researchers to examine government use of big data

big dataBusiness IT DepartmentResearch

April 8, 2016

A group of researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen has received funding from the VELUX Foundation for a research project that will examine how the public sector can exploit big data, all the while handling citizen data responsibly.

Crypto Conference at ITU

Conference at ITU: Online surveillance and privacy

big dataprivacyEvents

March 15, 2016

How do we protect our privacy when our devices are constantly tracking our movements? And why should we care? On March 30, Crypto Conference at ITU will present thought-provoking talks and a hands-on workshop where participants can learn to encrypt their own data.

Atrium på ITU

ITU welcomes two new Associate Professors

big dataResearchDr. Alexander RichterOliver MüllerComputer Science Department

February 24, 2016

New faculty members to strengthen ITU’s Information Management section.