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Personal information

Personal information means personal or factual information about a specific individual, such as name, address and phone number. Information which cannot be connected with a specific individual – such as preferred websites or the number of users at a website – is not considered personal information and is therefore not covered by this policy.


The information you submit to us when signing up to our newsletters is only used for the stated purpose. We do not disclose this information to third parties, and you can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

About cookies

The IT University gathers data about the traffic patterns of our visitors on We do this to offer you the best possible user experience on our website.

For example, we register which pages visitors start on, which pages they leave the website from, and which search words they have used to find the IT University in search engines like Google.

These statistics are gathered by the use of a cookie. Cookies are used by the vast majority of websites. A cookie is a small data file which is stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. The cookie enables the website to see, for example, if the same user has visited two different pages in succession on the website.

The following information is temporarily saved:

  • The date and time of server contact
  • The IP address or DNS name of the requesting computer
  • The page searched (URL)
  • Whether the page was found or if an error occurred (HTTP response code)
  • Client operating system and version
  • Browser and version

We cannot identify individual visitors based on the information we gather. Information about your visit is used solely for statics on traffic patterns.

If you cannot accept cookie storage, most internet browsers can be set to reject cookies. You should note that certain features may not work, or may not work properly, if cookies are disabled in your browser. Please visit the following website for information on how to disable cookies in your browser: