New project is connecting blockchain start-ups in China and Denmark

CollaborationsRoman BeckBusiness IT DepartmentEntrepreneurshipBlockchain

May 10, 2019

The IT University of Copenhagen is partnering a new international initiative that will bring two of the world’s leading cities in blockchain innovation – Copenhagen and Shanghai – closer together.

ITU researcher becomes leader of OWASP in Copenhagen

CollaborationsComputer Science DepartmentResearchIT security

March 28, 2019

OWASP, one of the world's most recognized software security organisations, has appointed member of the newly established Center for Information and Trust (CIST), Alessandro Bruni, as local leader in Copenhagen. He expects to organise four OWASP events per year.


BuILD lab gives students a unique opportunity

CollaborationsBusiness IT Departmentstudent life

May 14, 2018

ITU's Business Innovation Lab (BuILD) has arranged a Scrum Master Certification Course for MSc students at ITU, in collaboration with Implement Consulting Group. The course has given students concrete competencies that they can undoubtedly use in their future work life.

Forskningsprojekt skal bidrage til et mere sikkert pensionssystem.

Research project will contribute to a more secure pension system

CollaborationsComputer Science DepartmentResearchfintechgrantsPeter Sestoft

December 20, 2017

With computing power from graphics processors commonly used in gaming computers, a new research project aims to develop an advanced calculation platform for pension funds. Innovation Fund Denmark is investing DKK 9 million in the project collaboration between the IT University of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen and the software company Edlund A/S.

Atrium på ITU.

New research center at ITU will contribute to better public IT


November 21, 2017

In collaboration with the Danish Agency for Digitisation, the IT University in Copenhagen is establishing a research center that will provide knowledge about public IT systems development and operation. The research center is part of the Danish government's new IT strategy.

New research project to investigate refugees’ use of IT

CollaborationsResearchBusiness IT Departmentawardsgrantssocial media

October 24, 2017

The Velux Foundations has granted the research project Diginauts with DKK six million to investigate how refugees use their mobile phones and other digital devices to navigate geographically and socially during their travel through Europe.

big data

Making case management effective, flexible and transparent  

CollaborationsThomas HildebrandtComputer Science DepartmentResearche-governmentgrants

October 5, 2017

Digital case management systems should become more intelligent and flexible so that both case workers and clients are provided better and more transparent service, despite the increasingly complex legislation. Innovation Fund Denmark invests DKK 16 million in the research project Ecoknow, which links technology and practice of adaptive case management.

ITU-studerende skal arbejde med data fra rummet.

Big data from space to be used in ITU classrooms

CollaborationsComputer Science DepartmentEducationbig dataPhilippe Bonnet

September 20, 2017

A new collaboration between the IT University of Copenhagen and the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education gives students and researchers the chance to work with data collected by the EU’s earth observation program, Copernicus.

IT-Universitetet i København

The IT University of Copenhagen invites Danish leaders to get digitally upgraded

CollaborationsDr. Alexander RichterResearchEntrepreneurshipBusiness IT DepartmentProfessional educationbusinesscareere-governmentinnovationmanagement

June 23, 2017

Are you a leader and do you want to make your business sustainable in the digital age? If yes, you can become part of the Innovation for Leadership project (I4L) at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Participation is free.

Professor Roman Beck

New center will turn Denmark into a blockchain hub

CollaborationsRoman BeckBusiness IT DepartmentResearchEntrepreneurshipEducationComputer Science DepartmentBlockchaininnovationIT securityprivacy

June 15, 2017

Blockchain technologies will revolutionize IT systems worldwide. However the revolution comes with both opportunities and challenges in a broad range of areas. At the IT University of Copenhagen, professor Roman Beck has now established European Blockchain Center, which will ensure that Denmark is at the forefront of the field.

KMD bruger ITU-teknologi.

KMD uses new technology from ITU to give flexibility to government knowledge workers

CollaborationsResearchComputer Science Departmente-governmentThomas Hildebrandt

June 2, 2017

The digitalization of knowledge work goes more smoothly with a new software technology developed by researchers from the IT University and Exformatics. Workers get more flexible workflows and support to complete tasks. The IT company KMD is now implementing the technology in a case-management system widely used by government agencies.

New project accompanies Danish business leaders on their way towards the digital economy

CollaborationsDr. Alexander RichterBusiness IT DepartmentProfessional educationResearchawardsbusinesscareere-governmentgrantsinnovationITU Business Developmentmanagement

April 20, 2017

Danish leaders need more knowledge about the impacts of digitalization if their businesses are to be competitive. The Danish Industry Foundation has recently decided to fund a research project at the IT University of Copenhagen. “Innovation4Leadership” (I4L) aims to equip organizational leaders for the upcoming challenges related to the digital economy.

Atrium på ITU.

Innovation corps will bridge the gap between research and industry

CollaborationsAbout ITUgrantsGeorg Dam ChristensenJens Christian GodskesenEntrepreneurship

April 6, 2017

The IT University of Copenhagen is among four Danish universities to receive funding from The Danish Industry Foundation for transferring research-based knowledge, inventions and patents to the industry. ITU receives DKK 5 million to establish an innovation corps focusing on big data, fintech and artificial intelligence, among other areas.

Scandinavian design methods are popular in Japan

CollaborationsResearchDigital Design DepartmentdesignseniorsLone Malmborg

March 30, 2017

A group of researchers from the ITU Co-design team are experiencing great interest from Japanese universities and companies who want to learn more about the Scandinavian design methods. A new collaboration with the Hakodate Future University is now being signed.

City software

Copenhagen launches international powerhouse for algorithm research

CollaborationsComputer Science DepartmentResearchalgorithmsThore HusfeldtRasmus Pagh

March 21, 2017

Two ITU researchers are among the driving forces in the new research center BARC, which aims to attract talent from all over the world and create breakthroughs in algorithm research. Developing efficient algorithms for handling large amounts of data will be one of the key areas of research.

Trafik i København.

Big data to create eco-friendly innovation in Copenhagen

CollaborationsEducationComputer Science Departmentbig datainnovation

May 20, 2016

ITU thesis students have contributed to the development of City Data Exchange, the world's first data marketplace where both public and private organizations can share their data. Innovators can use big data to solve the city's environmental and infrastructural challenges.

Amager Hospital

Students collaborate with local hospital in wayfinding project

CollaborationsEducationErik Grönvalldesign

November 25, 2015

Intricate hallways and confusing signage present challenges for patients, visitors and staff alike at Amager Hospital. As a part of their education in Service Design, students from the IT University developed new wayfinding solutions for the hospital.

Researchers: Digitalization is critical to the continued success of the LEGO Group

CollaborationsResearchmanagementbusinessPernille Kræmmergaard

October 29, 2015

A comprehensive digitalization plays a key role in the LEGO Group’s continued journey which stretches from near-death experience to record profits, according to a new paper by digitalization researchers Pernille Kræmmergaard and Omar A. El Sawy. The paper has just won first place in the 2015 SIM Paper Award Competition.

Harvard - ITU

ITU collaborates with Harvard


May 11, 2015

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you’re not alone in what you think, experience and do. As it helps to know that people everywhere are different. In the intersection between alike and unlike students on Society and Technology on Global Business Informatics met online with a class at Harvard University last year. This is what happened.