Barbara Plank, forsker på ITU.

ITU researcher wins Amazon Research Award

awardsComputer Science DepartmentResearchalgorithmsartificial intelligenceBarbara Plank

March 8, 2019

Barbara Plank, Associate Professor from ITU’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) research group, has received a prestigious Amazon Research Award (ARA) for her work on improving automatic language understanding, for instance in digital assistants.

Emil Christensen, vinder af FA's bacheloropgavepris 2018.

Award-winning thesis: Young investors want influence

awardsDigital Design DepartmentEducationfintechapps

November 14, 2018

A concept for an investment app for young people won two students from Digital Media and Design the FA bachelor thesis award 2018. They received the award in connection with Finance IT Day on Wednesday 14 November – and the winners are naturally planning to invest the DKK 30,000 prize.

ITU researcher receives artificial life-award

awardsSebastian RisiResearchDigital Design Departmentartificial intelligence

August 6, 2018

Associate professor at The IT University of Copenhagen, Sebastian Risi, receives “Distinguished Young Investigator Award.”

Kjell Yngve Petersen.

ITU researcher receives award for intelligent lighting project

awardsDigital Design DepartmentResearchdesigngreen IT

June 7, 2018

Kjell Yngve Petersen, Associate Professor at the IT University in Copenhagen, has received the energy sector’s research award ELFORSK for a project on intelligent lighting that provides energy savings as well as better lighting for the users.

Niels Justesen.

Young ITU researcher receives EliteForsk travel grant for teaching computers to think strategically

awardsDigital Design DepartmentResearchartificial intelligencecomputer games

March 1, 2018

Niels Justesen is awarded a travel grant of DKK 200,000, and plans to travel to both New York and France, to work with some of the leading researchers in computer games and robots.

Marco Carbone.

Prestigious award for ITU researcher

awardsComputer Science DepartmentResearchMarco Carboneprogramming languages

January 22, 2018

Marco Carbone, Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at the IT University of Copenhagen, has won the Most Influential Paper Award at the world’s leading conference on the theory of programming languages.

New research project to investigate refugees’ use of IT

awardsCollaborationsResearchBusiness IT Departmentgrantssocial media

October 24, 2017

The Velux Foundations has granted the research project Diginauts with DKK six million to investigate how refugees use their mobile phones and other digital devices to navigate geographically and socially during their travel through Europe.

New project accompanies Danish business leaders on their way towards the digital economy

awardsDr. Alexander RichterBusiness IT DepartmentCollaborationsProfessional educationResearchbusinesscareere-governmentgrantsinnovationITU Business Developmentmanagement

April 20, 2017

Danish leaders need more knowledge about the impacts of digitalization if their businesses are to be competitive. The Danish Industry Foundation has recently decided to fund a research project at the IT University of Copenhagen. “Innovation4Leadership” (I4L) aims to equip organizational leaders for the upcoming challenges related to the digital economy.


How does Wi-Fi feel on the body?

awardsDigital Design DepartmentResearchAnna VallgårdaErik GrönvallJonas Fritsch

June 27, 2016

Three researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen have developed and studied FeltRadio, a device that translates radio waves from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into electrical impulses on the body. In the beginning of June, the project received an Honorable Mention Award at the DIS conference in Brisbane.

Progress to 100

ITU alumni among nominees at Independent Games Festival

awardsEntrepreneurshipcomputer gamesMartin Pichlmair

January 13, 2016

Game companies emerging from the IT University of Copenhagen are in the international top league – three companies founded by former students are among the nominees at the 2016 Independent Games Festival Awards.


ITU-entrepreneur wins award for Open Data solution

awardsEntrepreneurshipITU Innovatorsstartups

December 14, 2015

Brand-new startup FILLR won the Danish Business Authority's first Open Data Challenge. The two founders will invest the prize money of DKK 100,000 in developing their company. But first one them has to hand in his thesis at ITU.


Industrial PhD from ITU wins award at eGovernment conference

awardsResearchIndustrial PhDe-government

September 9, 2015

Christian Østergaard Madsen, Industrial PhD student at the IT University, has won ‘Outstanding Paper’ at the EGOV 2015 conference about digital public administration. The winning paper is about citizens’ choice of forms of contact with public authorities.