Martin Zachariasen, rektor på ITU.

ITU’s new Vice Chancellor: Continued growth is the main task

Martin ZachariasenAbout ITUEducationResearch

January 31, 2019

The IT University of Copenhagen's new Vice Chancellor, Martin Zachariasen, is driven by a curiosity for technology and its effect on society. He will work to continue the university's growth by educating more IT specialists and attracting more researchers - and getting more women to take an IT education is a key issue for him.

Martin Zachariasen.

Martin Zachariasen becomes new Vice Chancellor of the IT University of Copenhagen

Martin ZachariasenAbout ITU

September 27, 2018

Martin Zachariasen, Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Southern Denmark, will be the new Vice Chancellor of the IT University of Copenhagen. He will assume the position on January 1, 2019.