ITU conference.

ITU researchers invite leaders to digitization conference

managementBusiness IT DepartmentEventsdigitizationDr. Alexander Richter

August 15, 2018

Business and organization leaders can find inspiration for their work with digital communication, digital innovation and data-driven leadership at a free conference in Copenhagen on Friday, September 7.

Camilla Gad Krogsgaard.

From ITU to executive position in three years

managementEducationBusiness IT Departmentcareer

August 8, 2018

Camilla Gad Krogsgaard has had a meteoric career rise since graduating from Digital Innovation & Management in the summer of 2015. Today, she heads an international IT company - and she intends to stay in the executive chair.

Maria Paasivaara

Looking for a cheaper, better and faster way to develop software

managementResearchMaria PaasivaaraComputer Science Departmentsoftware

March 15, 2018

By making their software development processes agile, companies can improve the quality of products while reducing production costs and time. Associate professor Maria Paasivaara explores how to take global software engineering into the future by challenging the traditional company hierarchy.

We are not biologically programmed to communicate online

managementBusiness IT Department

March 8, 2018

Digital leadership can lack empathy, understanding or consideration of the employee, because it is highly based on digital communication. Ph.D. Fellow and member of the I4L (Innovation for leaders) project Raluca Stana advises leaders to enhance and support a healthy and productive work environment by exercising socially and emotionally intelligent behavior online.

I4L projekt på ITU.

Email and Skype meetings are forcing leaders to shake up their communication habits

managementBusiness IT DepartmentResearchdigitizationDr. Alexander Richter

October 30, 2017

When Skype conversations, email exchanges and video conferences replace face-to-face conversations, leaders must adapt their communication style in order to remain in touch with employees, say researchers from ITU’s new Innovation for Leadership (I4L) project.


We judge the success of digital transformation projects in wrong ways

managementArisa SholloProfessional educationBusiness IT Departmentbusinessinnovation

September 20, 2017

IT projects are almost impossible to compare to each other and often judgements of good or right projects are based on unconscious use of fundamental devices. Associate professor at the IT University, Arisa Shollo, advices organizations to become more aware of the kind of the judgement devices they use in project selection processes as they lead to different kind of projects being selected . Projects within digital transformation would rarely be selected based on business cases and cost benefit models.

Carsten Schürmann, lektor på ITU.

ITU researcher’s hack of a US voting machine makes headlines around the world

managementCarsten SchürmannComputer Science DepartmentResearchalgorithmsdemocracydigitizatione-governmentinnovationIT security

August 1, 2017

Carsten Schürmann, Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, hacked an American WINVote machine at DEF CON, one of the world's largest hacker conventions. The hack has now been receiving a lot attention in some of the worlds most influential media.

IT-Universitetet i København

The IT University of Copenhagen invites Danish leaders to get digitally upgraded

managementDr. Alexander RichterCollaborationsResearchEntrepreneurshipBusiness IT DepartmentProfessional educationbusinesscareere-governmentinnovation

June 23, 2017

Are you a leader and do you want to make your business sustainable in the digital age? If yes, you can become part of the Innovation for Leadership project (I4L) at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Participation is free.

New project accompanies Danish business leaders on their way towards the digital economy

managementDr. Alexander RichterBusiness IT DepartmentCollaborationsProfessional educationResearchawardsbusinesscareere-governmentgrantsinnovationITU Business Development

April 20, 2017

Danish leaders need more knowledge about the impacts of digitalization if their businesses are to be competitive. The Danish Industry Foundation has recently decided to fund a research project at the IT University of Copenhagen. “Innovation4Leadership” (I4L) aims to equip organizational leaders for the upcoming challenges related to the digital economy.

Researchers: Digitalization is critical to the continued success of the LEGO Group

managementCollaborationsResearchbusinessPernille Kræmmergaard

October 29, 2015

A comprehensive digitalization plays a key role in the LEGO Group’s continued journey which stretches from near-death experience to record profits, according to a new paper by digitalization researchers Pernille Kræmmergaard and Omar A. El Sawy. The paper has just won first place in the 2015 SIM Paper Award Competition.