Invoicing and Financial Instructions


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Below you can find the IT University's accounting instructions:

Business travel

Here you can find information about procedures, rates and agreements applicable for business travel on State business: 

Business Travel Reimbursement Form 2019

You will find the Business Travel Reimbursement Form here:

This form is for employees only. Furthermore, it is not intended for:

  • Long-term stays in a foreign country or countries (usually in connection with a Ph.D. stay)
  • Trips to several countries (with different daily allowances rates)
  • Trips where expenses have to be entered to several sources (i.e. projects and dimse accounts)

The form includes the Business Travel Application form, which it is highly recommended to complete before travelling. Even if advance payment is not required. By doing so, entries and authorization will be in place and speed up the processing of the final settlement. The form is updated each year to incorporate the changing daily allowances rates.

Other forms:


The IT University is operating under the regulations of the Danish State. Below you can find the current circulars:

Earned bonus points, rebates etc. on official trips

According to the circular made by the Ministry of Finance on June 30th 2000, all bonus points, rebates, etc. that are earned on official IT University trips belong to the IT University. This means, that bonus points earned on an official trip must be used in connection with another official trip. They may not be used on a private trip. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that these bonus points, rebates, etc. are used accordingly.

Entertainment and visitors

Here you find information about procedures and regulations applicable to expenses incurred for entertainment and visitors: