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Study start

Study Start for MSc students

As a new student on Software Development - Advanced Computing Track we invite you to participate in the Introduction Days on 26-27 January 2017. The Introduction Days gives you social, academic and practical insight to the life as a student at ITU. As the first thing on the Introduction Days Vice Chancellor Mads Tofte will welcome you to the university. After his welcoming speech you will meet your new fellow students and your Tutors. During the introduction days you will work on an academic intro-days-project and the focus will also be on spending cozy and informal time together with your new fellow students. You will also meet the Study and Career Guidance, the student organisations and others from ITU who will tell you about the everyday life at ITU and about rules, regulations and possibilities. You can read more about your study start and the Introduction Days' programme on the Study Guide.

Study Start for Exchange Students

If you are studying at the IT University as a part of your education in your home country, you are regarded as an exchange student. As an exchange student you are invited to an Introduction Day with other exchange students on Thursday 26 January 2017. You can read more about your study start and find the programme for the Introduction Day on the Study Guide.

Study Start for Guest Students from Danish Universities

As a guest student from a Danish university, you receive a welcoming email with your login details and practical information.
You find information about study start, rules, regulations and practical information on the Study Guide.

Multicultural Evening for all international students

All international students - full degree as well as exchange students - are invited to a multicultural evening, which is focusing on your new life as a student in Denmark, an introduction to Danish culture and academic conduct. This takes places on Wednesday 1 February 2017. Read more about the Multicultural Evening in the study start tab on the Study Guide.


Courses start in week 5 for all students.

Special Pedagogical Support

Special pedagogical support (SPS) is meant to ensure that students with a physical or mental disability can complete a higher education on equal terms with other students. You must be a Danish citizen, be an EU/EØS citizen or have status equivalent of a Danish citizen. It will not be noted on your graduation diploma that you have received SPS during your studies.

To be eligible to receive SPS, you must have a disability that requires extra support for you to complete your education. This could be:

  • Physical (e.g. disabilities the limits your motor functions, physical diseases, visually or hearing handicapped)
  • Mental (e.g. autism, Aspergers syndrome, clinical depression or stress)
  • Neurological (e.g. dyslexia, brain damage)

If you have questions about SPS you can contact Academic Advisor, Sophie Kongsbak, on e-mail schk@itu.dk or by phone: +45 7218 5064. She is responsible for SPS applications and can help you if needed.


The Study and Career Guidance arranges the introduction days. You can find the Study and Career Guidance in offices 3D05 and 3D07, call us on +45 7218 5240 or write an e-mail to studentadvisors@itu.dk. You can also meet us on facebook: facebook.com/studyandcareer

If you have question about administrative issues such as your enrolment, registration for courses and applications, please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

E-mail: sap@itu.dk

Phone: +45 7218 5205