Study and Career Guidance

Come by The Study and Career Guidance if you are experiencing doubt about your choice of study, are considering your future career, wishes to clarify your skills or the like. We also offer consultation on individual issues, thesis- and project writing, exam problems, group matters and more. You can contact The Study and Career Guidance if you have questions about which courses to choose or if you are considering applying for exemptions.

Ask the student advisors

The Study and Career Guidance offers coaching and guidance in study and career. We host a number of events for students, and we offer a talk with a professional and trained student advisor, who is also a student at the IT University.

  • Are you considering the prospects and possibilities of your study?
  • Have you considered your future career?
  • Do you think about getting a relevant job while you study?
  • Would you like advice on how you can structure your study in a better way?
  • Do you have difficulties with your group? Book a time together with your group members


We answer mail every day. We try to answer your mail as quick as possible! Send an email to

Opening Hours

You will find us in room 3D05 and 3D07 or you can call us at +45 72 18 52 40.  

Please note: In week 38 we are only open Monday, Tuesday and Friday.