Who are the dorms for?

The IT University has access to dorm rooms, which we allocate to our international students. We offer accommodation to all inbound exchange students. Further, we may be able to give residence places to some full degree students during their first or/and second semester of studies on a 'first come - first served' basis. We call your attention that enrolment at the IT University is a precondition for renting a dorm room.

Application process

Exchange students apply for housing along with the application for exchange, and full degree students apply within the following deadlines:

  • The spring semester: 1 November 
  • The autumn semester: 1 June 

We process the applications from full degree students in the order we receive the applications.  

To apply for housing fill in the housing application form and send it to sap@itu.dk.

If we offer you housing, you will receive further information about the booking process and an invitation to the booking system from Housing Foundation Copenhagen. 

About the dorms

The semester accommodation periods are as follows:

  • The spring semester: 1 February to 14 July 
  • The autumn semester: 15 July to 31 January 

If you rent a dorm in the spring semester, you will have the possibility to extend the accommodation period throughout the summer. Moreover, full degree students renting a dorm in the autumn semester might be able to prolong the accommodation period with an additional semester depending on vacancies in the spring semester.

The dorm rooms are of similar standard and distance to the IT University and the city is easily manageable by bike and/or public transport. Most of the dorms are single rooms and the prices vary between 3550 and 5450 DKK per month. Furthermore, we have access to a limited number of dorm rooms for couples. Only the student renting the dorm must be a student at the IT University. The prices vary between 5700 DDK to 6100 DDK per month for these rooms. We have dorm rooms at the following three halls of residence: Tietgenkollegiet (4 dorms), Øresundskollegiet (9 dorms - 5 single and 4 double) and Signalhuset Kollegiet (28 dorms). You can read about the halls of residence at the web page of Housing Foundation Copenhagen. 


Living in Denmark


You will automatically receive Danish Health Insurance when you are staying in Denmark for a period longer than three months, via the National Danish Security Number (CPR). This gives you the right to free medical treatment by doctors and in hospitals. Dental treatment and home transportation is not included. You must have a third party liability insurance and a home insurance to cover your personal belongings.

Non-EU students: Please be aware that the Danish health insurance does not cover you during your first six weeks.

Living expenses  

Living expenses in Copenhagen are on average 6.500 DKK per month/ app. 870€/ app. 745£ / app. 960 $ (exchange rate November 2019).

For more information about living and studying in Denmark:

Residence permit  

EU/EEA students
All exchange students need to get an EU residence permit. EU/EEA students can get this after arrival.

Non-EU/EEA students
Non-EU students must apply for a residence permit to stay in Denmark for more that three months. Please note, if your home country has a visa requirement you must obtain the residence permit to enter Denmark. If you are a citizen of a visa-free country, you can enter Denmark without the residence permit, if you have not received your residence permit prior to your arrival to Denmark. You will find the list of countries with visa requirement and visa-free countries on the web page of New to Denmark

Application process 
The IT University will assist you with information about the application process for the residence permit. Normally, the processing time is up to 2 months. You can have an overview of the process on the web page of New to Denmark. On the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark you will see where to have your biometric features recorded. Before you start up the process, please make sure that your passport is valid during your stay in Denmark.


If you have questions about administrative issues such as your enrolment, registration for courses and applications, please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

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If you have questions about the study programmes at the IT University, please contact The Study and Career Guidance.

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