Innovation and entrepreneurship

At the IT University, we encourage students to apply their skills and time to actual businesses. The student organisation ITU Innovators, our Startup Programme and our own investment company, ITU Business Development, all play an important part in maintaining our position as the Danish university with the highest rate of entrepreneurs among our students and graduates.

ITU Innovators

ITU Innovators is a student-driven organisation that facilitates and supports entrepreneurship among ITU students. Its mission is to support students to create startups, work together and kick-start their entrepreneurial projects during and after their studies. ITU Innovators aims to create more student-driven startups by providing skills to get started, the right landscape to meet and the opportunity to participate in common projects.

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ITU Startup Programme

The IT University’s Startup Programme is an incubator process for students with a business idea. The programme offers help, support and early investment in order to grow the projects from initial idea to fully fledged companies ready for the startup ecosystem. ITU Startup Programme is managed by ITU Business Development.


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ITU Business Development

ITU Business Development A/S was established according to the Danish Tech Trans Law and is wholly owned by the IT University. The company invests in university startups and spinouts and provides counselling for the university in connection with technology transfer and for students and researchers with ideas for startups.

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Open Entrepreneurship

Open Entrepreneurship is a Danish Initiative to increase the world-class research of Danish universities into spin-outs and start-ups. At ITU our purpose is also to  increase the awareness and potential impact of ITU’s research to society by creating new ways for researchers to collaborate with Industry. We are in the search of entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate with our researchers and intrapreneurs interested in investing in long-term applied agile research. 

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