ITU Alumni

About ITU Alumni

There is no need to say a final goodbye to ITU just because you receive your diploma. As an ITU graduate you can become a part of our graduate network called ITU Alumni.

As a member you will receive our news letter, which is published two to four times a year, and we will keep you posted on events and initiatives in the network. We would like to stay in touch, so we hope you will sign up for ITU Alumni.

ITU Alumni is driven by the ideas and initiatives from you and other graduates, so you can easily expand your network and share experiences with other ITU graduates. We want to hear your suggestions, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas. 

On this site you will find practical information about graduating from ITU, and you can read about the events arranged by ITU Alumni.

Important Information for Alumnis

When you graduate from ITU you should be aware that your diploma cannot be replaced if you lose it and your ITU email will be terminated. You can read more about it here:

Should you lose your original diploma, ITU cannot offer you a copy of your original diploma or a new one. Therefore, we strongly advise you to scan your diploma, to ensure you have a digital copy.

If you lose your diploma and don't have a copy, you can print a grade transcript. Please visit to get access to see and print your grade transcript. Note that you must sign in using your NemID.

Your diploma will be sent to your home address within two months after your final exam. The month of July is not included when calculating the two-month time limit. 

30 days after your final exam at ITU, your ITU email will be terminated and you will not have access to your email, LearnIT or any other ITU-system.

We advise you to export your emails if you want to keep them after you graduate.

Thesis Talks

Simone Chelo: Can a Fish Survive a Bullet Hell?


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Ivan Mladenov & Eva Bertels: Protecting Privacy in Movement Pattern Analysis

Arendse L. Andersen: Press "Up" to Flirt

Sidsel K.V. Thaarup: God Might be Dead, but You Still End Up in the Cloud

Any Ideas?

Du you have an idea that can improve the ITU Alumni network? Then we want to hear from you!

ITU Alumni is a community for and by ITU graduates and it is important, that you contribute with your suggestions and ideas, so we can develop the network and create a life after ITU, where you can meet and share experiences with other ITU alumnis. 

Do you want a specific sort of event for the ITU Alumni? Or do you just have a suggestion for how to improve the network? Then write to network coordinator Trine Møller on


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding ITU Alumni you are very welcome to contact us. 

Please write to ITU Alumni coordinator Trine Møller on