Research Groups, Centers and Labs

There are a number of different kind of research entities here at ITU. Get a full overview over the current research centers, groups and labs at ITU.

Digital Design

Name Type Responsible
Center for Computer Games  Center Espen Aarseth
Co-Design Research Group Jörn Christiansson  
Culture & Technology Research Group Lisbeth Klastrup
Decidis Research Group Gitte Bang Stald

Digitalization. Welfare and Social Design

Research Group Morten Hjelholt
MAD Art and Design Research Group Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Research Group IxD Lab Research Group Anna Vallgårda

Business IT

Name Type Responsible
TIME Research Group Lene Nielsen
Technologies in Practice Research Group Rachel Douglas-Jones

Computer Science

Name Type Responsible
Research Centre for Government IT Research Center Jens Schmidt
Center for Information Security and Trust Research Center Carsten Schürmann
Algorithms Research Group Rasmus Pagh
Data System Research Group Philippe Bonnet
Machine Learning Research Group Rune Møller Jensen
Natural Language Processing
Research Group Leon Derczynski 
NEtwoRks, Data, and Society (NERDS) Research Group Roberta Sinatra 
Programming, Logic and Semantics Research Group Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg
Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab Research Group Kasper Støy (lab manager: Andres Faina)
Software Engineering Research Group Yvonne Dittrich
Software Quality research (SQUARE) Research Group Andrzej Wasowski



An academic lab at ITU is a physical laboratory that advertises, enables, excites and informs everyone interested. They are both research and teaching labs – often combined.

Labs at ITU

Name Type Responsible/Lab Manager
AIR Lab  Lab Jonas Fritsch/Halfdan Jensen
BUILD Lab  Lab Lene Nielsen/Helle Martens & Olivia Linder Tabel
Data Science & Society Lab  Lab Luca Rossi/-
ETHOS Lab  Lab  Marisa Cohn & Rachel Douglas-Jones/Marie Blønd
Game Lab  Lab  Martin Pichlmair/-
IxD Lab Lab Anna Vallgårda/Halfdan Mouritzen
PIT Lab Lab Philippe Bonnet/Sebastian Büttrich
Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab Lab Kasper Støy/Andres Faina 
Study Lab Lab Anton Mølbjerg Eskildsen


Labs overview updated 2 September 2019