About the PhD Programme

The PhD programme at the IT University (ITU) includes Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Media and Social Sciences along with Conceptual Design and Creative Practice-based Computing.

The PhD programme consists of:

  • Three- or four-year enrolment/employment
  • Independent research  
  • Writing a PhD dissertation based on your independent research
  • Course activities corresponding to 30 ECTS credits
  • Engagement with active research environments both internal and external to the ITU
  • Communication activities, including teaching and other forms of knowledge dissemination
  • Thesis defence

You will be assigned an advisor from one of our research groups, and you can expect high quality supervision from experienced researchers working in an international environment.

There are various types of PhD's at the IT University and various mechanisms to secure the financial resources to support yourself. The admission requirements are the same for all types of PhD's. ITU receives around 150-200 applications for each open PhD call. We fill about 12-15 PhD positions a year.