Good Scientific Practice

According to the Danish law on scientific dishonesty etc., there is a distinction between scientific hishonesty and doubtful research practice. Confer Act on Scientific Dishonesty, etc. (Act No. 383 of 04/26/2017, in Danish).

Scientific dishonesty is defined as: "fabrication, forgery and plagiarism committed intentionally or grossly negligently when planning, implementing or reporting research" (translated from Act No. 383 of 04/26/2017). ITU are to be notified of cases concerning scientific dishonesty, if the research is carried out at ITU. According to the law, ITU forwards the complaint to "Nævnet for Videnskabelig Uredelighed".

Doubtful research practice is defined as "breach of generally accepted standards of responsible research practice, including the standards of the Danish code of integrity in research and other applicable institutional, national and international practices and guidelines for integrity in research" (translated from Act No. 383 of 04/26/2017). Allegations of doubtful research practice concerning ITU research should be submitted, in writing, to ITU's committee regarding doubtful research practice.

The members of ITU's committee regarding doubtful research practice are appointed by Academic Council and make independent decisions concerning doubtful research practice.

The committee consists of

  • Stine Gotved (Chair)
  • Rasmus Pagh
  • Rachel Douglas-Jones

Written and reasoned complaints, along with any attachments, must be addressed to the chair of the committee.