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Digital Design

About the Department

The Digital Design Department consists of approximately 85 skilled and engaged educators and researchers with an interest in digital design. The research combines design thinking with technological tools, material exploration, digital media and co-design.

All researchers at the Digital Design Department publish in peer-reviewed journals or conference proceedings relevant for digital design, engage in externally funded research and build and maintain relationships with external partners from the industry, governments, NGO’s etc.

All staff members contribute to the research-based teaching of our well-qualified, engaged students in order to provide them with a strong technical base which make them attractive in public and private sectors.

Meet Head of Department Associate Professor Lone Malmborg.

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    Can we enjoy silent music?

    The Hedonic Haptics player is a portable wearable device that plays back vibrotactile compositions. It consists of three domes each of which houses a vibration motor providing vibrotactile sensations to the wearer, and which are connected to a control unit the size of a small Walkman.

    The Hedonic Haptics player can store different compositions and effects made up of haptic signals varying in amplitude, waveform and length. At the moment we have composed an ambient, rhythmic, and ‘heavy haptic metal’ composition, and designed effects such as hard and soft circles, unison swells, unison crescendo, a heartbeat, and a drum pattern.

    We use these different compositions and effects to explore the hedonic potential of vibrational haptics in an embodied wearable setup. As such we seek to expand the design space for haptic expressions in interaction design.

    Read more about the Hedonic Haptics player