SymexTRON: Symbolic Execution of High-Level Transformation Languages

TR-2016-196, Authors: Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi, Aleksandar S. Dimovski, Andrzej Wasowski

SymexTRON: Symbolic Execution of High-Level Transformation Languages


Transformations form an important part of developing domain specific languages, where they are used to provide semantics for typing and evaluation. Yet, few solutions exist for verifying transformations written in expressive high-level transformation languages. We take a step towards that goal, by developing a general symbolic execution technique that handles programs written in these high-level transformation languages. We use logical constraints to describe structured symbolic values, including containment, acyclicity, simple unordered collections (sets) and to handle deep type-based querying of syntax hierarchies. We evaluate this symbolic execution technique on a collection of refactoring and model transformation programs, showing that the white-box test generation tool based on symbolic execution obtains better code coverage than a black box test generator for such programs in almost all tested cases.

Technical report TR-2016-196 in IT University Technical Report Series, September 2016.

Available as PDF.