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Single subjects

About single subjects

Each semester the IT University offers app. 30-40 single subjects in English within the areas of Business, IT Management, Digital Communication, Software Development and Games. You can apply for courses which are part of the BSc, MSc and Professional Master programmes.

Find your single subject course
On our Danish site you will find a list presenting our single subjects. Please note that courses in Danish will be shown as well. See the complete list of our courses.

About classes

The teaching is a blend of discussions, practical and theoretical exercises, group work and presentations. We offer supervision for all projects and assignments.

Time consumption
A semester consists of 12-16 weeks of classes and finishes with a short exam period. As a rule, you will need to spend around 10-12 hours of homework and preparation on each course of 7,5 ECTS. 


A part-time study must fit into both your working life and your private life. Classes are therefore generally scheduled in the afternoon and evening.

New qualifications and knowledge

With a single subject you gain the following:

  • New and updated knowledge.
  • An upgrade of your IT skills.
  • Teaching on an academic level.
  • Inspiration and personal development.
  • A network consisting of IT professionals.


Tuition fees
Before the beginning of each semester, you must pay a tuition fee for the courses or projects you participate in. The price covers both tuition and exam.

For some participants, the tuition fee is paid in part or full by their employer. Others pay themselves.

Prices per course/project for EU/EEA citizens:

  • Price per course of 7.5 ECTS points: DKK 10.625
  • Price per course of 7.5 ECTS points: DKK 12.150
    (weekend course / food included)
  • Price per course of 10 ECTS points: DKK 14.170
  • Price per course of 15 ECTS points: DKK 21.250

Prices per course/project for non-EU/EEA citizens:

  • Price per course of 7.5 ECTS points: DKK 18.800
  • Price per course of 15 ECTS points. DKK 37.600

Why do non EU-/EEA participants pay a higher tuition fee?
The IT University receives a fixed rate per course from the Danish Ministry of Science. Admission of non-EU/EEA students is not subsidized by the state. Therefore, the students must pay this difference themselves.

Admission requirements

  • A secondary eduacation (only courses at BSc level).
  • Bachelor's degree or a professional Bachelor's degree (courses at MSc and Professional Masters level).
  • Applicants for Professional Master Courses must also have two years relevant work experience subsequent to their qualifying degree. This requirement does not apply to applicants for BSc or MSc courses.

Residence and citizenship
You have to be a citizen inside EU/EEA or have a residence permit in Denmark (or one of the other Nordic countries) to apply for a single subject. Be aware that it is not possible to get a residence permit based on your application for a single subject.


The IT University will send an invoice for payment. The tuition fee must be paid before the course starts. Tuition fees are non-refundable once the course has started, except in the event of death, illness or the like. In such cases an exemption application accompanied by evidence of the exempting circumstance must be sent to the Study Administration.

All applicants must document qualifying exams (copy of diploma, grades, course certificates or the like).

Applicants for Professional Master Courses must also document at least to years professional experience subsequent to their qualifying degree.

If you have a foreign qualifying exam there can be special demands for documenting your English language skills. Documentation can be a TOEFL or an IELTS. Please contact the office of Professional Education, if you have any questions regarding this.

How to apply
You apply for single subjects in our application system. Please have the documentation ready before you begin the application process. It is also possible to save the application and return to it later.

When you enter the application system for the first time, you have three different ways to log in. You find help in the login guide.

If you need help to fill out the application and understand the process in the application system, you can read this application guide that goes through the application process step-by-step.

When you have completed and sent your application you will receive an advising mail on the e-mail address registered in the application system. When you receive an e-mail you have to log on to the application system to review you messages.

If you need help to fill out the form, please contact us.


Contact us, if you need information about professional education at the IT University.

Professional Education
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 København S

Phone: +45 7218 5050