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Qualification Course

About the Qualification Course

The Qualification Course gives IT professionals with a short higher education and at least two years of relevant professional experience the academic qualifications needed to be admitted to the Master’s programme on the IT University. The Qualification Course is only available in Danish.

The Qualification Course stretches over two terms and consists of two separate courses. Both courses contains first a collective part with basic elements from the academic tool box followed by a project with a self-selected issue. Both courses are compulsory and are passed with an oral exam. You must take the courses in direct continuity, and you must have passed both exams to be guaranteed admission to the Master's Program in IT Management the following semester.

The Qualification Course is designed as a part time study making it possible to have both a full time job and a family when studying.

Please contact the Student Affairs and Programmes if you have questions about application, admission, ect. Read more about the Qualification Course here (in Danish).


To be admitted to the Qualification Courser, it is required that you have a short higher education such as an Academic Profession Degree Programme (AP Degree Programme).

Furthermore, two years’ relevant professional experience after completion of the qualifying degree is required.

After completing the Qualification Course, you will have access to be admitted to one of the three Master’s programmees.

For information about application look at the Danish site here.

Contact us, if you need information about professional education at the IT University.

Professional Education
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