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Master in Software Engineering

Master in Software Engineering

It is a research-based post-graduate programme for experienced software- and system developers who wish to bolster their knowledge on a high academic level.

The programme teaches the latest theories and principles behind the development in – and not least, the use of – IT, and you will learn the latest methods and techniques that can be implemented directly into your daily work.

The programme is progressive, and the focus is on using and developing new technologies – and thinking in terms of solutions.

It strengthens and develops your abilities, and you will have a unique chance for professional immersion and reflection.  From design and analysis to specification, verification and construction. 

With a professional master in Software Engineering, you will gain the tools to evaluate, develop and programme software of an advanced, technical design. 

Using theoretical and methodical contemplation, you will be able to develop innovative technical concepts that meet user demands and the organisational and technical demands as well as be able to guide other developers in the implementation of these concepts.

The Value of a Professional Master

The value of a Professional Master in Software Engineering:

  • Allows you to optimise your company’s software reliability 
  • Enables you to design and analyse software- and system architecture  
  • Enables you to evaluate the principles behind the latest technologies 
  • Allows you to work with all aspects of software development 
  • Enables you to evaluate all aspects of working with requirement specifications
billede af masterstuderende på master i software engineering

Contact us, if you need information about professional education at the IT University.

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