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Master in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design

It is a research-based post-graduate programme for people who wish to be better able to navigate the digital world. 

You may hold jobs as a graphic designer, head of design, usability manager, UX specialist, webmaster, community manager, social media manager or similar but wish to have a theoretical framework to bolster their professional competence.

You will get acquainted with the latest theories and principles, with a focus on development, evaluation and implementation of interactive digital media and products.

Areas such as design processes, user experience, innovation, service design and concept development will be explored, but you will also get around the fields of social media as well as digital and mobile platforms.

You will gain tools to communicate with developers and suppliers and learn to set better demands of IT systems from the viewpoint of the end user.  In short, you will learn new methods and techniques for use in your daily work. You will also learn how to utilise different collaborations methods, enabling you to interact more easily with the interdisciplinary teams and projects wherein most products are developed. 

The Value of a Professional Master

With a degree as Professional Master in Interaction Design, you will get a theoretical base that can strengthen and develop personal and professional competencies. You will achieve the following:

  • An increased ability to navigate through complex design processes.
  • A sharpened understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the technology in relation to your business.
  • A strengthened talent for developing concepts and making decisions based on user understanding.
  • An enhanced ability to involve innovation processes in your business.
  • Competencies in terms of understanding users, design processes and choice of technology.
  • Better management of suppliers.
  • A solid base for a career leap.

Contact us, if you need information about professional education at the IT University.

Professional Education
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 København S

Phone: +45 7218 5050

Email: professionaleducation@itu.dk