Professional Education

Please contact us, if you need help compiling a program that suits your needs and wishes. You can also get insight into the academic content and rules of the different educational programs. The supervisor is subject to the Public Administration Act and has confidentiality.

Contact us if you want to know more about:

  • Professional education and single subject courses at ITU
  • Admission, enrolment and course registration
  • Credit transfer, exemption and application

Opening hours

Monday-Wednesday: 10-12 am
Friday: 10-12 am
P: +45 7218 5050


We answer emails every day during the week and we will of course answer all requests as soon as possible.

Please note: As the IT University is closed preliminary until 30 March because of COVID-19, we are only available on email.


Once a year we arrange an Open House for people interested in our professional educations. Besides that, we arrange a number of exciting events, conferences and after-hours meetings open for public.

Keep up to date with the events here.