Emil Christensen, vinder af FA's bacheloropgavepris 2018.

Award-winning thesis: Young investors want influence

appsDigital Design DepartmentEducationawardsfintech

November 14, 2018

A concept for an investment app for young people won two students from Digital Media and Design the FA bachelor thesis award 2018. They received the award in connection with Finance IT Day on Wednesday 14 November – and the winners are naturally planning to invest the DKK 30,000 prize.

Limelight Music.

New music streaming app uncovers the stars of the future


August 16, 2018

Limelight Music matches new artists from all genres with potential fans. The app is developed by two just graduated bachelor students from the IT University of Copenhagen and might help record labels identify the next big star.


ITU graduates teach AI to turn designs into code – and land international investment

appsEntrepreneurshipartificial intelligencestartups

May 30, 2018

Three ITU graduates have founded Uizard, a startup aiming to make it easy for anyone to build apps or websites. The company has secured $800,000 in funding from a group of investors and received international media attention– before even launching their product.

Ny startup vil give turister lokale oplevelser i København.

New startup leads tourists to local spots in Copenhagen

appsEntrepreneurshipITU Business Developmentstartups

May 15, 2018

Three ITU students have developed Motes, a web app that provides location-based tips for alternative sights in Copenhagen.


Student-developed app helps you discover new music

appsEntrepreneurshipITU Business Developmentstartups

April 10, 2017

Two ITU students are living their startup dream with a new music app that lets music lovers find music by up-and-coming artists easily.


Thesis turned into a smartwatch app for children with ADHD


August 23, 2016

Tiimo is a smartwatch app that creates structure in the daily life of children with ADHD. The two developers have just launched a beta version of the app in Google Play.

Touchlogic logo.

ITU Startups: Touchlogic


August 16, 2016

At Touchlogic, they are working full speed to develop apps that can keep up with users and the technology – such as a face-recognising iPad receptionist, Denmark's very first smartwatch app and digital wish lists for Santa Claus – so Santa better have a smartphone.

Space Apps Copenhagen 2016

NASA comes to Denmark: Invites contributions for future space missions


April 5, 2016

The IT University of Copenhagen will host the first Danish edition of NASA's innovation competition Space Apps Challenge, which takes place from April 22-24. All innovative minds are invited to work on real cases related to the organization's missions in space and on Earth.


Give&Take: Sharing economy for senior citizens

appsResearchseniorsLone Malmborg

January 6, 2016

Cooking, sewing and mowing the lawn. Many elderly people have skills that could benefit their peers. A new digital sharing platform will give senior citizens a platform for exchanging services - potentially improving quality of life and saving public costs.

Vaavud logo.

ITU startups Vaavud


February 15, 2014

It began as an idea for a bachelor's project and today Vaavud's wind meter, originally designed for surfers, is sold in more than 100 countries and used by farmers, scientists, sailors, and balloon skippers. And of course surfers.