Erik Grönvall.

Designing a health care system for everyone

Erik GrönvallResearchDigital Design Departmenthealth

February 20, 2017

For people who travel to a new country to work or study, getting to know a new health system can be a challenge. Erik Grönvall studies how technology might help to make public services more accessible for new and old citizens alike.


How does Wi-Fi feel on the body?

Erik GrönvallDigital Design DepartmentResearchAnna VallgårdaJonas Fritschawards

June 27, 2016

Three researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen have developed and studied FeltRadio, a device that translates radio waves from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into electrical impulses on the body. In the beginning of June, the project received an Honorable Mention Award at the DIS conference in Brisbane.

Amager Hospital

Students collaborate with local hospital in wayfinding project

Erik GrönvallCollaborationsEducationdesign

November 25, 2015

Intricate hallways and confusing signage present challenges for patients, visitors and staff alike at Amager Hospital. As a part of their education in Service Design, students from the IT University developed new wayfinding solutions for the hospital.