New ITU project: Using technology to increase Rohingya refugee's access to healthcare

healthLars Rune ChristensenBusiness IT DepartmentResearch

July 1, 2019

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is funding a research collaboration between the IT University and the NGO Friendship to improve the reach of healthcare services in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh by using technology.

Cecilie Jo Nielsen.

Can chemotherapy at home benefit cancer patients?

healthDigital Design DepartmentEducationdesignITU thesis

November 17, 2017

Since 2015, some Danish cancer patients have had the opportunity to receive parts of their chemotherapy treatment in their own homes. What advantages and disadvantages does this have for the patients? This was the central question posed by Cecilie Jo Nielsen and Astrid Ellen Dalsjö in their MSc thesis from Digital Design and Communication at the IT University of Copenhagen (the programme changed its name to Digital Design and Interactive Technologies in November 2017).


Can AI prevent relapse among drug addicts?

healthComputer Science DepartmentEducationalgorithmsartificial intelligenceITU thesis

August 16, 2017

In his thesis project, ITU student Christopher Bjerre developed a software tool for use in addiction treatment. Using a combination of machine learning algorithms, the tool can predict relapse with great accuracy and thus help rehabilitation staff to prevent it from happening.

Minna Isomursu.

ITU appoints new professor in digital design

healthDigital Design DepartmentResearch

February 21, 2017

Minna Isomursu has joined ITU as a professor in interaction design and co-design in the university’s Digital Design department. At ITU she will among other things continue her research on improving health care services using data.

Erik Grönvall.

Designing a health care system for everyone

healthResearchDigital Design DepartmentErik Grönvall

February 20, 2017

For people who travel to a new country to work or study, getting to know a new health system can be a challenge. Erik Grönvall studies how technology might help to make public services more accessible for new and old citizens alike.