Forestillingen om Facebooks ekkokamre er overdrevet.

New survey: The notion of echo chambers on Facebook is exaggerated

Luca RossiDigital Design DepartmentResearchdemocracysocial media

September 5, 2017

A new survey by the research group DECIDIS at the IT University of Copenhagen challenges the notion that social media make users with different political positions invisible to each other. Nearly a third of Danes sometimes change their opinion as a result of a political discussion on Facebook.


Danes are reluctant to discuss politics on Facebook

Luca RossiSander Schwartzsocial mediaResearch

June 15, 2016

Although social media has given us new opportunities to participate in the public debate, most Danes are hesitant to discuss politics with strangers online. When they do occur, however, Facebook debates can change political opinions, shows a new report from the IT University of Copenhagen.