Emil Christensen, vinder af FA's bacheloropgavepris 2018.

Award-winning thesis: Young investors want influence

fintechDigital Design DepartmentEducationawardsapps

November 14, 2018

A concept for an investment app for young people won two students from Digital Media and Design the FA bachelor thesis award 2018. They received the award in connection with Finance IT Day on Wednesday 14 November – and the winners are naturally planning to invest the DKK 30,000 prize.

Sunniva Sundbukt, ph.d.-studerende på ITU.

Digital payments create new opportunities for unbanked Indonesians

fintechBusiness IT DepartmentResearchBlockchain

May 17, 2018

In Indonesia, the majority of the population do not have bank accounts or credit cards. The use of digital payment methods, however, is rapidly increasing. In her PhD project, Sunniva Sandbukt investigates how a digital economy and blockchain-based currencies could come to benefit ordinary citizens.

Clockwork Trader.

New student startup wants to make buying cryptocurrencies easy

fintechEntrepreneurshipstartupsBlockchainITU Business Development

March 20, 2018

Students Julien Protain and Samy Tessier have founded Clockwork Trader – a platform that will give Danes easier and cheaper access to buying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. The company has received an investment of DKK 225,000 kroner from ITU Business Development and Syddansk Innovation and is planning to launch later this year.

Forskningsprojekt skal bidrage til et mere sikkert pensionssystem.

Research project will contribute to a more secure pension system

fintechComputer Science DepartmentCollaborationsResearchgrantsPeter Sestoft

December 20, 2017

With computing power from graphics processors commonly used in gaming computers, a new research project aims to develop an advanced calculation platform for pension funds. Innovation Fund Denmark is investing DKK 9 million in the project collaboration between the IT University of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen and the software company Edlund A/S.

FA bacheloropgavepris.

Savings concept for young bank customers wins bachelor thesis award

fintechDigital Design DepartmentEducationdesign

November 9, 2017

Three Digital Media and Design students at the IT University of Copenhagen have received FA's bachelor thesis award for a project, in which they developed a digital concept in the form of a savings app for young bank customers. The honour comes with a DKK 30,000 prize.