IoT-udviklere kalder til dataetisk revolution

IoT developers call for a data ethics revolution

Business IT DepartmentResearchethicsinternet of thingsIrina ShklovskiRachel Douglas-Jones

June 22, 2018

Across Europe, IoT developers are calling to end careless data security practices and ethically questionable WiFi-connected products, shows a new analysis by researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen. The researchers are currently developing the ethical guidelines and tools to help developers as they debate existing problems and design future technologies.

Super Mario landscape.

AI generates new challenges for Mario

Digital Design DepartmentResearchcomputer gamesartificial intelligenceSebastian Risi

June 13, 2018

A group of researchers has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that automatically generates new levels for computer games. The technology opens up for new possibilities for adapting the difficulty of game levels to individual players.

ITU researcher shows how to hack the Emmy Awards on a popular American TV show

Carsten SchürmannComputer Science DepartmentResearchIT security

June 12, 2018

Carsten Schürmann, associate professor and election security expert, demonstrated how to manipulate the result of the Emmy awards in an interview with Nathan Fielder, the host of the popular TV show, Nathan For You, which is pre-nominated for an award.

Kjell Yngve Petersen.

ITU researcher receives award for intelligent lighting project

Digital Design DepartmentResearchawardsdesigngreen IT

June 7, 2018

Kjell Yngve Petersen, Associate Professor at the IT University in Copenhagen, has received the energy sector’s research award ELFORSK for a project on intelligent lighting that provides energy savings as well as better lighting for the users.

Softwarefejl skal findes automatisk.

New research project: Finding software bugs automatically

Computer Science DepartmentResearchsoftwaregrantsAndrzej WasowskiClaus Brabrand

June 6, 2018

Software defects often manifest themselves far from where the problem has actually occurred. In a new project, researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen want to build a technology that automatically detects and diagnoses deep-seated software errors. The project has received DKK 6 million from Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Coding needs to be demystified

May 31, 2018

How do you even begin to strike up a conversation with a software engineer or a web developer about their work, when you have no knowledge of programming? Does it seem like pure gibberish, or like trying to figure out a magic trick, when you hear the IT professionals you live or work with talk about their fields? And from the other perspective, how do IT specialists explain their specialised knowledge, and make it accessible to non-specialists?


ITU graduates teach AI to turn designs into code – and land international investment

Entrepreneurshipartificial intelligenceStartup storiesapps

May 30, 2018

Three ITU graduates have founded Uizard, a startup aiming to make it easy for anyone to build apps or websites. The company has secured $800,000 in funding from a group of investors and received international media attention– before even launching their product.

Sunniva Sundbukt, ph.d.-studerende på ITU.

Digital payments create new opportunities for unbanked Indonesians

Business IT DepartmentResearchblockchainfintech

May 17, 2018

In Indonesia, the majority of the population do not have bank accounts or credit cards. The use of digital payment methods, however, is rapidly increasing. In her PhD project, Sunniva Sandbukt investigates how a digital economy and blockchain-based currencies could come to benefit ordinary citizens.

Ny startup vil give turister lokale oplevelser i København.

New startup leads tourists to local spots in Copenhagen

EntrepreneurshipappsITU Business DevelopmentStartup stories

May 15, 2018

Three ITU students have developed Motes, a web app that provides location-based tips for alternative sights in Copenhagen.


BuILD lab gives students a unique opportunity

Business IT DepartmentCollaborationsstudent life

May 14, 2018

ITU's Business Innovation Lab (BuILD) has arranged a Scrum Master Certification Course for MSc students at ITU, in collaboration with Implement Consulting Group. The course has given students concrete competencies that they can undoubtedly use in their future work life.