ITU Business Development

ITU Business Development A/S supports researchers and students who wish to develop new ideas with commercial potential. The support encompasses counselling, development plans, network and small investments.

Since its founding in 2014, ITU Business Development has supported a number of student enterprises and contributed to the commercialization of research from the IT University. The company was launched with an investment of DKK five million from the IT University, and has received additional donations from other organisations.  

The most entrepreneurial university

More than 100 businesses have sprung out of the IT University. Most were founded by students, while a handful of very successful companies were started by former employees, including Configit, Serious Games Interactive and Monsenso. Altogether, these companies today have a turnover that far surpasses that of the university. The IT University has the highest frequency of student entrepreneurs among the Danish universities. 

ITU Business Development has a strong network among students as well as among the central players of the Danish startup scene. 

Contact us

For more information on ITU Business Development A/S and possible collaborations please contact Adam Hillestrøm at