Hiring an ITU student or graduate

All of ITU's programmes are cross-disciplinary, which means that the students often have various profiles, but can manage the same tasks. Furthermore, the students on all of ITU's MSc programmes have great opportunities for specialisation.

Not only do the students have high professional competences - these are supplemented by important general academic skills. The method of teaching at ITU combines lectures, exercises and group and project work. The students are often confronted with relevant issues and cases that are specifically anchored in current issues in the business world.

The general academic skills give ITU students and graduates special qualifications that enable them to get acquainted with different tasks at your company, and to independently find the core of the issue, identify possible solutions and work up plans for problem-solving, both on their own and in collaboration with others.

ITU's students and graduates are in high demand and ITU's many career-related activities and events are therefore a good opportunity for companies to brand and profile themselves towards potential future employees at ITU. Read more about how your company can meet ITU's students.

Furthermore, the IT University job bank gives your company direct access to students and graduates who can contribute with desired competences within computer science, software development, games, design, communication and business and innovation management.

In ITU's Job and Project Bank, you can post anything from full-time positions to part-time student jobs or ideas for thesis and project collaborations.