Research collaboration

Almost all research projects at the IT University are conducted in cooperation with external partners. We believe that research in dynamic collaboration with businesses, organisations, and public players creates value for Denmark.

The IT University wants to create value for Denmark in close collaboration with the industry. Both when we organise our education programmes and when we launch new research projects.

We believe that usability and insight can be combined. Therefore our research takes place in a dynamic collaboration with businesses, organisations, and public players.

Collaboration with part-time lecturers

The collaboration with part-time lecturers may take many forms. For example internships, research project funding, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. The IT University also hires part-time lecturers from the industry to teach our students.

This close contact is in the interest of both parties. The continuous input on the experiences, opportunities and needs of the collaboration partners helps to ensure the usability and practical relevance of the research. It is always motivational to see your ideas become reality. In turn, the research can help further the efficiency and business development of the industry.

Collaboration with businesses

The collaboration may consist of one or more partially financed research projects and scholarships. Businesses make employees, material, and knowledge available to a research project.

The IT University has contracts on research collaboration with more than 25 businesses, and more than 70 percent of the graduates have worked on external projects during their studies.

Collaboration partners include A.P. Møller-Mærsk, Grundfos, DHI, KMD, Danfoss, Bispebjerg Hospital and many others. Also cultural institutions such as Bornholms Museum, The National Film School of Denmark, and Hammershus collaborate with researchers at the IT University.

If you have questions about how your business can collaborate with the IT University feel free to contact Provost, Jens Christian Godskesen on +45 72 18 52 76 or

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