Project collaboration

A project collaboration can open up new perspectives and give your company insight into the newest knowledge. During a project collaboration, you will have access to the student's professional competences, while the student will have the opportunity to be part of a learning process.

In a project collaboration, the student will work within a well-defined area, using your company as a case. When a student does a project in collaboration with a company, the project is part of their education. That is, the student is a collaborator who has to learn something by working with the comapny. The student will have an investigative approach and will often examine specific problems or issues during the project. The student will then be able to contribute with a scientific perspective or possible solutions, which will benefit the company and might give inspiration for further improvements.

It is a good idea to have as concrete and precise a project description as possible before reaching out to potential student collaborators.

If your comapny needs a student to solve specific tasks, where you wish to be in full control over the output, results and schedule, you may consider hiring a student worker for a student job.

Possible project collaborations can be posted for free in the ITU Job and Project Bank


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