ITU obtains prestigious seal of approval

At a meeting on December 1, the Accreditation Council has given ITU a positive institutional accreditation. Vice Chancellor Mads Tofte calls the decision a "milestone" for the university.

"It is a milestone for the IT University of Copenhagen to have become an accredited university according to the European quality standards. As an institution, we have been through a very thorough examination and the fact that the Accreditation Council finds us worthy to be an accredited university is something we are very proud of," says founding Vice Chancellor Mads Tofte.

"Accreditation is an important mark of quality of our quality processes. This means that we have systems in place which ensure that the university discovers and addresses weaknesses in its study programmes. Accreditation is about offering students the best education possible," he continues.

The Accreditation Council notes that the IT University has made great progress in addressing all issues mentioned during the initial accreditation in 2014, where the university received a conditionally positive accreditation.

In its decision letter, the Accreditation Council writes: “there is a high quality in the implementation of the quality assurance work. This means that ITU’s efforts are well-defined and builds on a well-functioning and systematic practice.”

The positive institutional accreditation is valid for six years and means that the IT University will have considerably more freedom to develop new and existing programs.

Read the decision of the Accreditation Council in its entirety here.

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