ITU increases intake of Software Development students

As a consequence of the rising demand for highly educated IT specialists, ITU increases the intake of students in the BSc programme in Software Development by 50 percent from the fall semester.

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Auditoriums and classrooms at the IT University of Copenhagen will be extra full after the summer holidays. Following a great demand for highly trained IT specialists from the employers, the university increases the intake of bachelor’s students in its Software Development programme by 50 percent from the fall semester. This will mean 135 new faces in the programme in 2016, compared to 89 in 2015.

- We have listened to the ever-increasing demand for software developers from the industry. Our software graduates are in high demand on the job market, and unemployment figures are very low. By increasing the number of Software Development students, we are helping to ensure that Denmark can meet the demand for highly educated IT specialists with strong technical skills, says Vice Chancellor Mads Tofte.

ITU will finance the increased intake with equity, an investment of DKK five million in the first year.

An attractive education

Mads Tofte particularly hopes that more women will apply for the programme.

- Software development is an attractive education for all young people who are good at mathematics. The program offers many opportunities to challenge your mathematical skills, and the career prospects are very good. We hope that more women will apply this year, and have launched several initiatives in order to appeal to female applicants. Research has shown that it is more common among women than men to be good at math yet have no programming experience. From this fall, we will offer more assistance for students with a talent for maths, but without programming experience, says Mads Tofte.

To accommodate students with no prior programming experience, the university will provide extra help sessions, exercises and teaching assistants. In addition, a group of female students have started the network Codher for female students who want to learn to code.

-We do not plan to make the programme less challenging for students who already have programming experience, emphasizes Mads Tofte.