ITU and Glad Fonden launch research project on digital inclusion

The IT University and Glad Fonden are joining forces in a one-year project that will examine the challenges that people with cognitive disabilities are facing in the digital world. The one-year project 'Digital Social Inclusion', led by Associate Professor Morten Hjelholt, has received a DKK 640,000 grant from TrygFonden.


Communities are no longer only formed in the physical world, but frequently online. And while most people confidently communicate on Facebook and find information on Google, some groups have particular challenges when it comes to online interaction.

A new one-year research collaboration between ITU and Glad Fonden aims to create knowledge about the challenges and opportunities digital media presents for people with cognitive disabilities. The project has received a DKK 640,000 grant from TrygFonden.

“We lack knowledge about the specific problems faced by people with cognitive disabilities in relation to digital media. Having a Facebook profile and a social life online can cause challenges with things like privacy and general understanding of the media. But digital media also has the exciting potential of giving this group more influence than they have had previously,” says Morten Hjelholt, Associate Professor at ITU, who will lead the project.

Strengthening digital citizenship

Over the course of five months, Research Assistant Mette Grønbæk Rasmussen will observe the employees at Glad Medier, which operates TV Glad, and talk to them about their use of online communities. The project will likely provide insights relevant for other groups in society as well, says Morten Hjelholt.

“Our assumption is that some of the things we will discover in this project will also be applicable for other population groups with special challenges in relation to digital media. The overall objective is to generate knowledge that can strengthen the digital citizenship of people in vulnerable positions.”

The results of the project will be presented in a final report and a conference on digital inclusion and citizenship in the spring of 2017.

Further information

Vibeke Arildsen, Press Officer, phone 2555 0447, email

Morten Hjelholt, Associate Professor, phone 7218 5020, email