Eksperiments change our views of computer design

Have you ever wondered why the computer looks the way it does? Why it is made of steel with a keyboard and a screen?

Anna VallgårdaDigital designdesignResearch

Associate Professor Anna Vallgårda from the IT University of Copenhagen does research on how the design and functionality of computers interact with humans. She questions whether the form of the computer today is the right one. Could the computer look different from the way it does today?

In this video, Anna Vallgårda has created three wooden boxes with fabric and buttons on the side. The buttons operate a small motor in the base, which then moves the fabric. She has invited an interaction designer to test the three boxes in an experiment. She is interested what the interaction designer experiences when the fabric moves and changes the structure. Could it affect his approach to design?

Further information

Anna Vallgårda, Associate Professor, email akav@itu.dk

Vibeke Arildsen, Press Officer, phone 2555 0447, email viar@itu.dk