Record number of applicants for ITU

Once again, an IT education from the IT University of Copenhagen is at the top of the wish list for a record number of young people – the university has received 11 percent more applicants this year. At the same time, the share of female applicants has increased from 22 to 28 percent.

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Thursday at 12 o'clock was the deadline for applications to higher education programmes. For the second consecutive year, the number of applicants for ITU is record high. The number of first priority applicants has increased from 707 last year to 785 this year – an increase of 11 percent.

Software Development and Data Science are the most popular programmes with 310 and 185 first-priority applicants.

"It is very positive that more young people are becoming interested in an IT education. There is a need for digital competencies across all industries, so the future graduates will get an education with very good career prospects,” says Lene Rehder, Head of Student Affairs and Programmes.

Applicants with ITU as first priority.

However, she is regretful that ITU will once again have to reject many well-qualified applicants.

"Despite the fact that employers are screaming for more software developers and data scientists, we will have to reject many well-qualified applicants for these programmes due to a lack of funds for creating more study places. This is a great shame," says Lene Rehder.

According to industry organizations such as the IT-Branchen, Danish companies are currently experiencing major challenges in recruiting IT specialists, and this shortage is not predicted to end anytime soon. According to a projection by Danish Business Authority, Denmark will lack 19,000 IT specialists by 2030.

More women interested in an IT education

ITU also sees an increased interest from female applicants in all the university's four bachelor programmes. In total, the share of female applicants with ITU as a first priority has increased from 22 percent in 2017 to 28 percent this year.

"Digital technologies increasingly affect our society and everyday life, so it is important that both women and men speak the language of technology and are able to contribute to the technological development," says Lene Rehder.

Share of female applicants to ITUs bachelor programmes.

With support fromthe VILLUM Foundation, the ITU recently launched an initiative aimed at increasing women’s interest in technical IT education programmes through initiatives like IT camps and coding classes for female high school students.

According to Lene Rehder, this targeted effort is one of the reasons why women are flocking to ITU.

"We have made a special effort to show young women what programming is and what opportunities an IT education gives you. The practical experience of programming inspires many to want to learn more. Fortunately, it also seems that the stereotype that IT educations are mostly for men is fading," she says.

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