Lars Frelle-Petersen and Kristine Stenhuus have been appointed as members of ITU’s Board of Directors

The IT University’s Selection Body has appointed Kristine Stenhuus, Vice President of NNIT, and Lars Frelle-Petersen, Deputy Director General of Confederation of Danish Industry, as new external members of the university’s Board of Directors.

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Based on an open job advertisement, a unanimous Selection Body has appointed Kristine Stenhuus and Lars Frelle-Petersen for the two external positions on the Board of Directors, which become vacant on 1 October 2018.

Kristine Stenhuus and Lars Frelle-Petersen succeed Jørgen Lindegaard and Annette Stautsholm, who will both withdraw from the Board after having served for the maximum period of eight years.

“I am pleased that the university is getting two new board members with great insight into digital development and the need of the Danish society for IT education and IT research. I am looking forward to working together with both of them, and the rest of the Board, to realise the IT University’s strategy and to strengthen and develop the university,” says chairman of the Board, Maria Rørbye Rønn.

1 October 2018, the Board of Directors will consist of:


Maria Rørbye Rønn, Managing Director, DR

Kristine Stenhuus, Vice Precident, NNIT

Lars Frelle-Petersen, Deputy Director General, Confederation of Danish Industry

Lars Mathiesen, Manager, Frost Management

David Basin, Professor, Department of Computer Science, ETH, Zürich

Irina Shklovski, Associate Professor, the IT University

Susan Skriver Gandrup, Academic advisor, the IT University

Emma Arfelt Kock, MSc student, the IT University

Liam Phan Asmussen, BSc student, the IT University

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