ITU students are the most satisfied in the Nordic countries

A new survey from the research company Universum revelas that students at the IT University of Copenhagen are the most satisfied among IT and engineering students in the Nordic countries, both when it comes to their university, career services and job prospects.

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Nearly 57,000 students from all four Nordic countries were given the opportunity to rate their university on three parameters: overall satisfaction with the university and satisfaction with career services and employability – the prospect of getting a job after university.

On all three parameters, ITU came in first place among the Nordic IT and engineering students. ITU scored an average of 8.6 in overall satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 10, while the ITU’s career services received an average of 7.8.

According to the survey, 93 percent of students at ITU associate their university with good future career opportunities.

These results come as no surprise to former classmates Mikkel Thygesen and Nanna Konge, who are enjoying a cup of coffee in ITU's coffee shop, Analog.

"There are many highly skilled people at ITU, and when you constantly read about companies in need of IT specialists, it makes sense," says Mikkel Thygesen, who is an MSc student in the Software Development programme. He has also felt the interest from employers himself:

"Today I had a job interview for a position as software developer. When I told them that I study at ITU, the developers became very interested. So we definitely have a good reputation out there," he says.

ITU-studerende er de mest tilfredse i Norden.

Nanna Konge and Mikkel Thygesen both find that employers have a positive attitude to ITU students.

Nanna Konge has recently completely her MSc in Digital Design and Communication and is currently looking for a job.

"It is my impression that ITU is known for a holistic approach to technology – that we have an understanding of the different aspects as well as the entirety," she says.

The survey's top 5 (among IT and engineering students):

ITU students are the most satisfied in the Nordic countries
Universum conducts the survey ‘Nordic’s Most Attractive Employers’ among Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish university students every year, but this year the company has revealed the results at a Nordic level for the first time. Read more about the survey here. 

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